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Corporate Fitness Classes

Naturallytrim offers outdoor group PT sessions, Boot camps, and online training to help your employees not only get into shape but moreover stay fit! Benefits of our programs are as follows:
– Experience a range of boxing, resistance and team orientated exercises!
– All exercises are modified to suit the needs and goals of participants
– Boost self-confidence and physical fitness!
– Achieve well being goals with fortnightly body composition readings
– Have loads of fun with like-minded people
– 45 minute training sessions with feedback
– All equipment provided!

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Online Coaching

“Have you been struggling with a fitness goal? Do you have an upcoming fitness challenge you’d truly like to dominate? Are you struggling with diet and knowing the best foods to consume? If so, our online coaching option is for you! Simply click on the read more icon below to be taken to

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Healthy Teens is all about raising awareness of the importance of health and exercise in the one place our kids spend the most amount of time, at school! We pride ourselves with providing highly qualified staff, who as a team facilitate well-being programs that are tailored to develop long term positive changes in teens. Our goal is to motivate kids and teens, and work with them to achieve their individual targets, whilst having fun!

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About Us

Paapa Kweku

Head Trainer –
Hi there! My name is Paapa Kweku and I’m a Health and Wellness Expert. As a qualified personal trainer and motivational speaker, the sessions I facilitate have been formulated to get my clients moving as well as help them feel great! When it comes to longevity, the research is clear. Physically active people are more likely to be goal motivated, alert, and successful. My goal when setting up Naturallytrim was simply to make a positive difference to the lives of everydaypeople through structured health and wellness programs. To be honest, there is no better feeling that to see clients smash down barriers as they work towards a set goal. This is what drives me. You have greatness within you. Your time to shine is NOW. Let’s go!

Jess Walker

Personal Trainer –
Hey hey!! My name is Jess Walker and I’m Paapa Kweku’s twin! Can you see the similarities? I’m a fully qualified personal trainer and wellness expert. Drawing from my own fitness journey and experiences I believe that the best approach to achieving your goals is making sustainable changes with a balanced lifestyle. With two years’ experience of full time dance training I have a great understanding of how the body works and should move. The first step is always the hardest, however limiting your physical and emotional capabilities will spread into all aspects of your life. Break all limits and start moving forward today.
Quote: “ Drown out the voices of uncertainty with the sound of your own heart beat”

My obstacles are moving out of my way

My path is carved towards greatness!

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