What our clients say

“At 35 years of age, 3 children between 10-12yrs, working full time, studying part time…who has time for exercise? Feeling lethargic, bloated, dehydrated and not the best diet, looking after myself was really my last priority. When Paapa organised group training at my workplace straight after work, it was an opportunity I could not refuse to change my situation. Being able to exercise in the workplace has removed excuses of being too busy as I don’t need to travel and all participants encourage each other to attend.  His group classes immediately made me feel better – I lost my daily craving for dark chocolate and looked forward to the next class!. In as little as 4 weeks, I was fitting into my clothes better, lost 3.3kgs and my energy was back! I feel more productive at work and I am a happier person to be around at home.

Paapa’s enthusiasm and genuine care for his class to succeed and achieve their goals has been the key to my results! He knows how hard to push me and is always encouraging. He is committed to ensuring each exercise is quality not quantity to avoid injuries and has catered to each individuals needs to ensure we are all looked after. His follow up emails between classes keep me on track and motivated – he has helped me understand that it’s a lifestyle choice and my health and wellbeing should be number one priority, not at the bottom of my ‘to do’ list. I’ve signed up for another 10 weeks of classes, because I’m thrilled with the results and excited to see what else I can achieve.”
* Mareena – Mitcham

“Myself and my husband started training with Pappa 3 months ago and have both achieved excellent results in totally different ways! I was 5 weeks pregnant when i started and have found Naturally Trim to be a huge benefit to me in the early stages of pregnancy. Paapa takes time with each person to monitor your fitness levels and progress and makes sure you get the most out of the class. I have been to other personal trainers in the past and could honestly not recommend Paapa’s classes more highly. He is a true professional, well organised, and a lot of fun to have as your trainer, every class is different and you will never get bored. I will be returning to Paapa’s classes once i have my baby to get rid of all those extra Kilos and i already cant wait!”
* Rebecca Leijer

“Paapa is the only trainer I’ve trained with who not only asks that you perform an exercise, but also ensures that you do it correctly. I have struggled with back and neck problems which has made it difficult for me to exercise. Paapa has strengthened my back and neck which has resulted in eliminating the tension and pain in those areas. All while losing weight as well, it’s a complete approach! He’s got the background, the training, and the culture to provide the very best in personal training. Paapa keeps it exciting and different every session. It’s the first time I have stuck with a trainer and also looked forward to my sessions.  I have been recommending him to everyone that will listen!”
* Luana – East Kew

“I’ve had a number of trainers throughout the years but since Paapa hast trained me I have really noticed the big changes to my body. I am eating well and I actually look forward to the one on one sessions. Great motivator and genuinely knows what he is talking about.”
* Tony – Sydney

“I have been training at fitness first and other gyms since i was 21. now (29). I have gone from heavy lifting to bulking, cardio and personal training ( at fitness first) over the past few years. What i have found is the difference between personal trainers is Paapa is passionate about what he is doing. This makes all the difference when you are trying to achieve your goal. He keeps on top of you during workouts and the days off by messaging you to do stretches, to eat properly and rest. He goes far beyond any trainer i have come across. He works hard to keep you motivated in a way that makes you enjoy your workout. Its a lifestyle change that he promotes not a diet/quick fix workout. Long term his methodology is sustainable. I have brought 5 people to paapa. Everyone of them has enjoyed his unique approach. I have lost 7kg in the two months of consistent training i have done with paapa. I would highly recommend paapa and wish there were more trainers out there with this approach.”
* Ameer Patel – Heidelberg

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